Falling 2008

"What're ya talking 'bout, Ociffer?
I'rm not nekid, I'rm waring a boa!"
Things getting a little snaky at the Folsom Street Fair.

A leather-loving dom rides in style, pulled by a horse-man.

Parasols are hawt. I didn't even know there was a parasol kink.
But I fit right in, right guys?

Ouh, you're beautiful... but
hey, this is the LEATHER lovers fair, not FEATHER lovers!
but your kink is okay too.

Devil duckie
Oh man, these guys play rough. Poor lil devil duckie.

He's such a good doggy. His owner let me pet him :D

Good doggy
"Blue" is such a good boy! Gooood booy.

Disco hat
Man in glass disco hat poses with some friends.
Here's thinking of you, Trevor.

Photographing the Janus Society's flogging arena.

One of the doms serving up vicious flogging for charity.

Spacy mural
One of my new favourite murals on Folsom Street.

Mural continuation
Continuation of the mural's left side.

Mural detail
Detail of the center of the mural.

Chocolate factory mural
Mural on the side of the San Francisco Chocolate Factory.
I particularly like the incorporation of functional wall protrusions.

Gay American Pride.

Boggling at Laurel's with her doggies on my knee.

Doggy licks
Lulu and Dabao. I believe "dabao" means "doggy-bag" in Mandarin.

Gathering huckleberries around my Ant and Funkle's house in Littleriver.

Mendocino headlands
Standing at the edge of the windy Mendocino headlands.