Fall 2008

My new sister cat Velcro getting some C's.

Velcro and Lily
Velcro and Lily snoozling.

Cactus fruits
Golden nopal cactus fruits warmed in the afternoon sunlight
in the yard of the Rosicrutian Egyptian Museum in San Jose.

Cactus close
Close-up of cactus fruits featuring the hair-like spines.

Cactus array
Array of cactus fruits in different stages of ripeness.

Lily is as intoxicated as I am on magnolia blossom scent.

Santa Cruz coastline
The corruscations of the Santa Cruz coastline.

Joshie and Nae-nae
Josh and Nathan, brothers, consumate geeks, darlings both.

Pyramid skyscraper
The Pyramidical Skylinescraper of Economic Dhoom. Or something.

Rainbow mural
The strange and wonderful mural on the back of Rainbow Grocery co-op.

Roots mural
Root mural in Noe Valley neighborhood makes me swoon.
Whispy sirrus clouds enhance the texture of paint strokes.

Broccoli mural
Close-up of giant broccoli mural on facing building wall.

Purple passionflower still vibrating from the bees.

Urban climber
A Utah-born urban climber puts his skills to lucrative use.

Clover madness
Patch of fascinating purple-tinged three-, four-, and five-leafed clover.

Ventilation stacks blending into the cityscape reminds me of Gaudi.

Molly radio tower
On top of Twin Peaks hills in front of a large tower.

Road division
The road divides around a ridge of hilltops.

Edge of hill
Twin Peaks hillside, where coyote and tick brush meet the megalopolis.

Noe Valley mural
Returning in the afternoon for the facing side of the vegetable mural.
Artichoke and borage flowers! :D And a mural within a mural.

Lattice shadows
Staircases, railings, banisters, and lattice shadows in the angled light.