Into Fall 2008

Fergus Stone and his trixy eyebrowtapillars.

Candid shot of Trevor Stone high on blueberry pancakes.

Edie Stone at the breakfast table.

Ali and Charley
Ali and Charley staying warm in natural fibers.
Charley is wearing 100% pure poodle fur.

Ali in the first fallesque drizzle of the season.

SF mural street
Nathan takes me down my first street of murals in San Francisco.

Don~a Diabla
Excellent incorporation of the doorknob in the devilish woman's head jewelry.

Carriage stamp
Here, mud, plaster, stickers, stamps, a mail label on a glass bottle, markers,
paint, and ink on paper are combined to decorate eclectic corners.

Parasol stencil
Stencil of a woman with a parasol looks like a papercutting.

God loves ugly
God loves ugly. First in a lateral series, left to right.

Hi score
Second in series, video game style with horses.
Painted koi swim down the sidewalk below.

Unicorns and oldskool video games, oh my!

Get it in the hole
Get it in the hole. Last in lateral series.

Elegant mixed media with the shadow of what appears to be a doily and machined netting.

Red native
Layered stencil work gains so much from the sidewalk textures.

Seagull's eye view of the koi at my feet.

One of my favourite murals to date-- amazing technique, detail, and fantastical elements.

Fantastic Nathan
No, I really really like this fantastical mural. Let me show you it.

Fantastic neighbor
The mural to the left of the fantastical one.

Woman's face
One of Nathan's favourites, slightly defaced.

Dolores Park
Dolores Park, overlooking SF on a clear day. Mini love-ins, shirtless men
strumming on guitars in the sunshine; it feels like a time warp to the 60's.

Nathan's silhouette against a gay sunset from a hill in the Castro district.

Pastel sunset
Pastel rainbow hues softly fade to grey-black over the city.