Colorado, Summer 2008

Bees alighting on a thistle a few feet away from our campsite at Dragonfest.

Dragonfest started out right as Trevor made his way towards the carnivore ritual.
His apron says "Bacon is a vegetable" ...alluding to all that bacon he's about to sizzle.
There were cases of lobsters, the third time I'd eaten it in my life.
I have to say, I was the perfect addition to the circle when I came, naked and dripping
from my first swim in the lake, to crouch down on the ground and gnaw ferociously on scraps of meat.
I think the carnivores really go for that sort of thing. It was hot.

The lake, the ducks. An undisclosed location.
During one of my swimminatings, I do declare I saw a muskrat. Or a baby beaver.

Harrrrrrrghhhh! (?) A strange doll tied to a tree near the monkey camp.

A spit of land dividing the clothing optional area from the clothing required area.

Dingle-dangles straight from a liang kuai store in China, 64 all unique,
brought expressly for our Infinity-I-Ching Dragon-Flavoured Inspiration Circle.
Trevor combined his I-Ching workshop with my Infinity workshop to bring together a fine experience.

Aside from the dingle-dangles, there were auspicious round things, sparkling incense, and a dragon dance.
The dragon Trevor and friends created was a dragon built for eight. How auspicious.

The dragon unwinds from its dance and goes back to rest for the night.

By the fire, after the conclusion of the Inspiration Circle on 08.08.08.
My so-called dress was actually my erstwhile wall hanging from China, a see-through length
I wrapped around myself tightly and then bound with another length of contrasting cloth. Stylin'.

Incredible henna art by Salvatore, a shiny well-met new friend.
Overall a fantastic time at Dragonfest, learned new songs, danced, drummed, massaged, bodypaints,
yanno, usual hippie love-in stuff. Or Pagan? I get confused. Good times, though.

Scenery up near Red Feather above Fort Collins, looking for the Shambala Center.

View right where our steaming metal dragon threw a shoe and rolled to a precarious stop.

Walking down the road, Cajhne, who generally wears black, was tricked into holding my parasol.

Various flags at the Shambala community center.

View of the golden rolling hillsides from underneath my purple parasol.

Photograph of Cajhne taking a photograph of what i was photographing.

...I love the sun-rays and I love the Cajhne-pants, boom-di-yadda boom-di-yadda...

What I was photographing. Oh look, a bee on a flower. How atypical.

Tibetan prayer flags in the Colorado aspens.

The Shambala Center Great Stupa.

Reflections of my camera lens, hand, and parasol in the glass door of the closed stupa.

Cajhne and the Great Stupa reflected in a button on a pyre of sacrificial do-hickeys.

Tree-shadows on a grassy field dotted with small red flags.

The sunset from Dormouse's swift vehicle after he came to rescue us.